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Be warned – this isn’t a book post. I don’t usually get involved here with social and political issues, but this is something I feel too strongly about to pass on. The Washington Post ran an article entitled Religious leaders: Same-sex marriage threatens religious freedom

You can read the full article here:

Now, did you see this? Religious leaders say that allowing same sex couples to marry will end up “forcing or pressuring both individuals and religious organizations — throughout their operations, well beyond religious ceremonies — to treat same-sex sexual conduct as the moral equivalent of marital sexual conduct“.

Erm, yes, because it is! Only a bigot would argue otherwise.

All their arguments are based on the fact that their religious beliefs prevent them from treating same sex couples equally. Well, what does that say about their religious beliefs? We live in the 21st century when personal freedom and liberty should mean something. If they argue that their freedom allows them to show prejudice towards gays, then we can equally argue that our freedom allows us to be prejudiced against religions. It is a nonsense, a circle that leads nowhere. The law should allow them to believe what they want, but not give them the liberty to preach their offensive bile and not allow them to escape prosecution under humane and fair laws which guarantee our safety and rights. To give in to them is simply licensing hate.