The Hun and The General

Published: Dec 02, 2011

ISBN # 9781936751914

Word Count: 28,173
Heat Index
Livianus is bored and longs for action. His reward for serving Rome is the governorship of a quiet corner of Gaul, but as he whiles away his days at his sumptuous villa, his thoughts turn to Attila the Hun, the feared barbarian with whom Livianus once enjoyed an intimate friendship. When a desperate emperor asks him to return to Pannonia to broker a truce with Attila, Livianus’s old passion flares.
Attila is losing the will to go on. He is tired of being a tyrant but his people’s future depends on him. The arrival of Livianus renews Attila’s spirit as he prepares to march on Constantinople. Livianus has nothing to bargain with, but when the emperor’s sister delivers a proposition for Attila, a new and brighter future seems to lay directly ahead. For the people, and especially for the two men.
But the deadly hand of the emperor isn’t interested in peace, and as their plans are destroyed, only one course of action remains open to the Hun and the general.
  1. Stacey Jo says:

    I am truly intrigued by this excerpt. I’ve always had a strange fascination with wanting to know more about Attila….but in a not so technical, historical, boring way (hope that makes sense). I am betting you have written about him in a way I can read it and not find myself bored at all :) Thank you for the excerpt <3
    stacey jo

  2. Luc Vernaillen says:

    Will there be à follow up? I hope so, I really enjoyed your book!

  3. Luc Vernaillen says:

    I think so. Historically it’s a bit shaky but who cares (and I’m an historian specialised in roman history) because the story is great and the protagonists are interesting (and sexy). I’m sure many people would like to know what happens after that winter of separation. I see a lot of possibilities.

    • I like that approach – “Historically it’s a bit shaky but who cares” – because that was my view when I wrote it. I wanted to take some things as anchors but to change them. Why? Well, it’s not supposed to be serous, is it? Well, Luc, you’ve given me something to think about. Maybe I will do it! Watch this space. Thanks for your feedback.

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