On My Knees

Tristram La Roche’s debut novella catapulted him to bestseller status, reaching the number 1 slot in the genre on UK’s Amazon. He has now re-released On My Knees in a new and enhanced version.


Published: Jun 04, 2013

Word Count: 25,500


Mark’s life is in turmoil. Held together by alcohol and antidepressants, he ducks and dives through the war zone his marriage has become, and watches helplessly as his business spirals down the plug hole. After yet another blazing row with his wife he escapes to the gym, intending to work off steam – and the effects of too much wine – but a tall and very handsome stranger catches Mark’s eye. Feeling uncomfortable and weird, and in no hurry to return home, Mark agrees to a pint in the nearby pub. Before the night is out, Mark finally understands that he isn’t weird – he’s gay – and a new world opens up for him.

What the reviewers said:

I consider this to be a top read, and Mr. La Roche will be on my list for writers to explore in the future. Man Oh Man Reviews

Tristram La Roche’s debut novella is a treat for the diehard romantic in all of us. Top2Bottom Reviews

This was a great read; the romance was real spicy and intriguing.  If you’re curious about M/M romance, this is the perfect place to start. The TBR Pile

I enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it. Portia de Moncur

First published work? I`m impressed…  Simsala

This is a sweet but hot “coming out” novella that manages to convey both anguish and delight in a fairly short work. His characters are so touching and realistic that they left me wondering with concern what their futures held. Susan Roebuck

This novella was refreshingly different from a lot of the romance I’ve read in the past… so if you don’t usually read this genre give it a try! Julia

Tristram LaRoche is a new name to me. I shall be looking out for him in the future because he writes well and he’s ‘relevant’ in this day and age (as Simon Cowell would say). Gets my 5 stars! Catherine Cavendish

The realism is what bagged this book five stars, because it was real, the characters, the drama–I could see it all happening–even when I didn’t want to! Emma Shortt

La Roche writes brilliantly – succinct, clear prose that flows. He deserves to fly and I will definitely be looking for his next offering. Renzo

You can find most reviews on Goodreads.com

Purchase links are on the left in the sidebar. On My Knees is only available from Amazon and if you belong to Prime you can borrow it for FREE.

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