Published: Sep 23, 2011
ISBN # 9781936751686

Word Count: 26,176
Heat Indicator
A spin of the wheel can change everything…Mike had it all. A business in the south of France, money, and a handsome boyfriend. But when the world’s economies nose-dived, he lost the lot—including Kurt. With nothing left, he finds himself back home in the north of England, living in a broken-down rented flat, alone.When the boiler breaks down, the repairman turns out to be an old acquaintance—one who was never Mike’s social equal. Now Pete’s the one with money and security, his own thriving company and a collection of classic cars. Pete’s joie de vivre is impossible to resist, but how can Mike face being a kept man?
What the reviewers are saying:
Fixed is a romantic story with a bit of an edge to it, exploring the difference between sex and love, and how intricately connected the mind and the heart are when separating the physical needs from the emotional. Top2Bottom Reviews
Tristram La Roche should be getting quite a cult behind him now with his third book in as many months (don’t quote me) and another on the way. One of the aspects of his stories that I enjoy is that he takes his readers on journeys to wonderful places. Susan Roebuck
I loved this novella. It’s a beautifully orchestrated combination of love story, triumph over adversity and voyage of discovery. Catherine Cavendish

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