Time To Hasten The Death Of This Discredited Institution

Posted: March 11, 2012 in Current Affairs
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How the Catholic Church flails and screams like a man gripped by the knowledge he’s about to die. Nothing new, really, in that. The Vatican has always treated each advance toward enlightenment and personal freedom as if it heralded Armageddon. We all know why: without control of the masses The Vatican is doomed.

Take the furore over the British Government’s plans to legalise gay marriage. Here are some links to the BBC which has so far been pretty fair in its reporting:




If the former Archbishop of Canterbury can acknowledge that the church doesn’t own marriage, why not The Pope? It isn’t that The Pope is an uneducated barbarian (if he were we could almost excuse him). I believe The Pope knows just as well as Dr Carey that marriage is no more than a man made term, and that it is any government’s power to change it. I would argue that it is a government’s duty to do so in the best interests of its citizens.

I was baptised and confirmed in a catholic church. As a child I had sleepless nights worrying about mortal sin and my soul being painfully cleansed in purgatory. I worried about Satan and Hell. Lesser tales carried X ratings at the cinema and children were banned from seeing them lest they be disturbed! How appropriate, I often think, that I turned out gay. My parents think I am the embodiment of the Anti-Christ. If you knew me you’d know how ridiculous that is. But then, Catholicism today is ridiculous – of course in my opinion.

And that’s the big thing. It’s all opinion. Everything The Pope pronounces as fact is just opinion, and from a man who knows nothing – nothing – of the real world and the genuine struggles of ordinary men and women across the globe. I know catholics personally, I am not prejudiced, and not one of them believes the same as the other. I know catholics who attend church regularly, ensure all children in the family are baptised, ensure all weddings are church weddings (except in the case of divorcees – of which there are plenty among them – when a blessing in church is called for), take Mass – yet they see no problem with bending the rules to suit their needs: contraception, abortion, divorce. I know gays who claim to be Roman Catholic. Excuse me? On that second link, look at comment 214: “With such discussion, I have turned my back on the Catholic Church,” he says. Allelujah, I say.

The Catholic Church is entitled to its opinion. Up to a point. And that point comes in the same place where civilised society has drawn the line on racism. Call your black neighbour the ‘N’ word and you are, rightly, in trouble. So how come The Pope and his representatives can label gays as sinful, damaging to society, grotesque, subversive… need I go on? It is time all right thinking governments stood up to the Roman Catholics and said enough is enough, not send ministers to bow and scrape before the throne of St Peter as if the incumbent had something of relevance to say. The bark of the neighbour’s dog holds more meaning.

Yes, my opinion. But I would welcome the dissolution of the catholic church. Liquidate its assets and use the proceeds to do the good they are so keen to talk about and so eager for others to fund. It would do us all a favour.

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