Books by Tristram La Roche

Books by Tristram La Roche

When you fall into a book and feel as though you’re watching it rather than reading it, well that’s top notch writing and deserves the credit.  The TBR Pile

Tristram is a British author of gay fiction. He writes adult stories which push the boundaries of traditional romance, giving readers something gritty, at times dirty, and always with a touch of eroticism. If sex between consenting adult males is likely to offend you, please leave this site now. If it thrills you….

Praise for Tristram La Roche:

… creative, imaginative and the sex is hot, urgent and earthy… La Roche just keeps getting better. Catherine Cavendish

Tristram la Roche proves to be a craftsman at story-telling and that he’s carving a deserved niche in literature. Susan Roebuck

I consider this to be a top read, and Mr. La Roche will be on my list for writers to explore in the future. Man Oh Man Reviews

Mantho 19

Manthology on Amazon UK is currently in the Top 20 Anthologies – one place ahead of the Book of Horrors which is co-authored by such stars as Stephen King and John Ajvide Lindqvist. I feel quite light-headed! Click the image to keep me ahead :-)

“I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because even great writers need better tools.”

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MANTHOLOGY by Tristram La Roche


by Tristram La Roche

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As the summer has finally arrived for us in Britain I decided to give you the chance of winning my paperback to take to the beach/picnic/barbecue/any place you fancy! Just click on the Goodreads link above to enter. It’s free, no purchase necessary, no tricks. As you’ll see, as if you didn’t know, Manthology is a joint book with wicked Daniel deLoite. It contains my acclaimed novella On My Knees and some short stories from Daniel. Here’s a little taster for you…(this is a clean taster, by the way. The book is far from clean!).


Dead Gorgeous

Daniel deLoite

Dead Gorgeous F

I heard Max pull up in the street below my kitchen window, the silencer on his ageing sports car still as full of holes as ever. I grabbed my leather jacket and skipped down the stairs. When I pulled the front door open I leaped back in shock. Max stood on the doorstep, his face ghost-white and his eye teeth had grown several inches.

“Trick or treat?” His fangs dislodged as he laughed, and he caught them with a swift movement, trapping them against his black leather coat.

“Fuck off!” I tried not appear flustered and pushed him out of the doorway.


“Yes, you look it.” I locked the door and zipped the key safely in my breast pocket. “You’re driving, I assume?”

“No need, man. We’re only going to the end of the street.”

“We’re only going…” My words dried up as the implication of what he’d said dawned on me. “Oh, no! Not bloody likely.”

Max threw an arm round my shoulders and started walking. “I couldn’t refuse, could I? My flat is quite small and they’ve got a whole fucking church to themselves.”

I tried to resist but he was stronger than me and the force moved me forwards with him. “You mean they’ve actually broken inside now? But that’s criminal.”

He laughed. “Don’t be such a wimp. It’ll be really cool, partying in a church on Halloween. You need to let your hair down and enjoy yourself. You’re too—”

“Honest? Law abiding?”

“Boring.” He laughed again and dragged me along. “How do you fancy a fuck on the altar?”

“You’re perverse.”

“I know.”

“And anyway, how do you know there is still an altar in there? And the place has been deconsecrated, so there.” I stuck my tongue out at him; his childishness deserved it.

“So what? You don’t think I care about all that religious crap do you? An altar’s an altar, a piece of furniture like a sideboard or a sofa, consecrated or not it means the same thing to me.”

“You have no respect for other people’s beliefs. Come to think of it, you have no respect, full stop.” I shook his arm off my shoulders and stood firm. We’d reached the big, iron gate that led into the grounds of the church. “You go if you want to. I’ve changed my mind.”

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Behind the CandelabraI’m old enough to have caught the tail-end of Liberace’s long and very successful career as pianist to ladies of a certain age. Despite being the most outrageous old queen in the business and the rampant tittle-tattle about his bawdy private life, Liberace got away it by suing the arse off anyone who told tales out of school and playing the I-just-haven’t-found-the-right-girl tune to his myopic fans. Back in the day, it was easier to maintain the lie. If he was still alive and tinkling, the Twitter generation and the red tops would have a field day, particularly as Walt loved to play fast and loose with his reputation by buggering the boys in back rooms. So, with a sparkling set of reviews, we anticipated the Liberace biopic ‘Behind the Candelabra‘ with some relish. Was the film worth the hype? Well, yes and no. Michael Douglas as the rhinestone peacock…

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I have to say how good it is to see my collaboration with curmudgeonly Daniel deLoite the number one bestselling gay antho on Kindle. And do you see, he’s also at number two?
Thanks to all who have purchased – and who intend to :-)

Keep an eye out as Dan and I have some news to come.



Number 1 and Number 2 From Amazon

Number 1 and Number 2
From Amazon

Tristram La Roche:

Courage at work.

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Image Courtesy of the Financial Times

Image Courtesy of the Financial Times

As a rainbow of protesters re-occupies Taksim Square after it was once again cleared with tear gas and water cannon by the Turkish police, how will it all end? I hope for the best but fear the worst. Prime Minister Erdoğan’s increasingly paranoid nonsense about foreign devils and domestic subversives attempting to wreck the Turkish economy may play well to the party faithful but global capitalism has no morals and abhors instability. As foreign investment takes flight to safer climes, he may be forced to eat his words as the crisis starts to hit his big business cronies where it most hurts – in their pockets.

In the meantime, some people may be put off by what they’ve seen and heard and are rethinking their travel plans. Please don’t be. Despite the troubles, Turkey remains one of the safest holiday destinations around. Tourism in…

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Look who I found! Tristram La Roche! (Okay, so he’s been tied up in the basement since January…ahem…)

Now you’re back in the daylight, Tris, tell me what’s afoot (wotchit…)

Tris: About twelve inches where I come from ;-) You knew I would say that, didn’t you? Well, something you may not know, I’ve re-released my first gay novella, On My Knees. New cover, slightly extended story, and – in my view – a bit spunkier.

Click to view on Amazon

Click to view on Amazon

Kiran: How would YOU categorise On My Knees?

Tris: You’re trying to drag me in to the old M/M row, aren’t you? You know already that the classification M/M annoys me. Too many readers of it expect a slushy romance with two guys – usually stereotypical – having a fling, falling out and finally, erm, coming together. Happy ever afters, happy for nows. This isn’t really what my…

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Ad created by Elin Gregory

Ad created by Elin Gregory

Hard to imagine, I know, that it’s two years since my first publication – On My Knees. I’ve come a long way since then and to celebrate I’ve reworked the story and re-released it – with British spellings, too. This time round it’s available exclusively through Amazon so that readers who are members of Prime can borrow it for free. Links are below, along with an excerpt and new blurb. It’s also at a reduced price if you feel like buying it – and if you do, you can always send me a request on Authorgraph for a signature.

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Thank, you everyone. I hope you enjoy it!


(PS: I’m also chatting to Kiran Hunter – you can join us here )

The All New On My Knees

The All New On My Knees


Mark’s life is in turmoil. Held together by alcohol and antidepressants, he ducks and dives through the war zone his marriage has become, and watches helplessly as his business spirals down the plug hole. After yet another blazing row with his wife he escapes to the gym, intending to work off steam – and the effects of too much wine – but a tall and very handsome stranger catches Mark’s eye.  Feeling uncomfortable and weird, and in no hurry to return home, Mark agrees to a pint in the nearby pub. Before the night is out, Mark finally understands that he isn’t weird – he’s gay – and a new world opens up for him.

(Novella circa 25,500 words. Contains explicit gay sex scenes /group scenes)


Chapter One

London, May 9


“For Christ’s sake, Diana, will you stop your fucking nagging for once?”

I’d barely got through the door before the usual evening bust-up flared. All because I’d stopped by the wine bar on the way to the tube station for a few drinks. Just a foursome: Alex, the guy I shared an office with, and a couple of his mates who’d come up to town for a night in the West End. And me, of course. In any case, I’d long ago lost any eagerness to get home early. I used to count the minutes to home time then rush off to catch the train and get back to my wife. Things change. If we didn’t argue about one thing it was another, and since the row came guaranteed whatever I did, I’d started taking the view that I might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb. Jesus! That’s something I picked up from her – talking in clichés.

“You’re drinking too much.” Diana funnelled the words through pursed lips and frowned. “How much have you spent? Eh? Show me the bill.” She hurtled towards me and tried to dig my wallet from my jacket pocket.

“Get off,” I said, wrapping my arms around my body. Four grown men after work could drink a lot more than she would ever forgive. “You treat me like a child.”

“You behave like a child.” The neighbours would be able to hear her raised voice and I told her so. She craned forwards into a posture that would have been threatening if only she’d been nine inches taller. “You’re just…just…”

And I hated that, too. She did it all the time, start a sentence and leave it dangling in the air. “Just what?”

“You know very well. I didn’t marry an alcoholic,” she said, clenching and unclenching her fists by her side.

Alcoholic? I was not and never have been an alcoholic. A drunk, yes, but that’s different. “And I didn’t marry a nagging bitch.” Oh, I regretted it instantly. I threw my hands up in a gesture of peace. “Sorry, sorry. Please can we try to have a normal conversation?” She grabbed a knife off the kitchen work top and lashed out. I leaped back just in time. “You’re mad. Like your mother. You’re unhinged.” I struggled to hide the fear. For a little person she packed a punch when she wanted.

She lunged at me again, her unruly hair falling across her face. “Well, if I am, it’s you that’s driven me to it.” She missed. The knife flashed by my side and I brought my hand down on her arm, knocking the blade to the floor. She squeezed her wrist with her left hand and cursed.

“I’m sorry,” I said, reaching out to her. The love had gone but I had no wish to hurt her. “Here, let me look.” I took her hand but she snatched it away.

“Don’t you dare touch me.” She stamped on the floor and turned her back on me.

I couldn’t win. I knew it from previous experience. The best thing I could do was put space between us. I took my chance and bolted out of the kitchen door. We lived on the top two floors of a Victorian house in a duplex we’d bought together. From the central landing a dog leg stair led to the ground floor. As I rounded the turn in the stairs I heard her coming from the kitchen. I should have left it at that and just scarpered – but I didn’t. By then my blood boiled with anger so I shouted over my shoulder. “Well, if I am an alcoholic, you’ve driven me to it.”

“Oh, really? And where do you think you are going?”


“That’s just typical of you. Come back here and deal with it.”

But I had no intention of going back. Not then. I turned the key in the lock and pushed open the door into the shared hallway.

“You bastard!”

A stabbing pain shot through my shoulder. I toppled but managed to stay upright as a heavy dictionary fell to the floor with a thud. From above she hurled books down the stairwell, swiping them off the shelves to judge from the avalanche. I nipped across the hall and ran into the street, slamming the outer door behind me.

Even in the street I heard the thunder of her hooves coming down the stairs. I got into the car as fast as I could and locked the doors. I started the engine but didn’t manage to make my getaway before she appeared in the street, fists thrashing the air. She grabbed the driver’s door handle just as I accelerated. I didn’t look at her. I eased the car out of the space, hoping she would let go. Half-hoping that the wheel would crush her foot.

“Come back! Come back now!” She beat her fists on the window and I feared it might smash.

Clearly, she had no intention of letting up so I hit the accelerator. She leaped back out of the way as the engine purred and the car turned. As I went down the hill, I could see her in the mirror, standing in the middle of the road with her hands on her hips, shaking her head. Well, at least she was unhurt.

But then I faced another problem. Where to go? All of our friends lived on the other side of town and, considering I’d been drinking, I didn’t dare drive far. All I needed was to lose my licence and I’d be well and truly fucked. Then I remembered that my gym bag was in the boot. The gym was no more than a mile away, and the exercise would help my system break down the alcohol.

And work off the misery of another day in hell.

Halloween may be long gone but no time is the wrong time for reading something spooky. And the latest review for the Halloween Heat I M/M anthology from Etopia Press just might persuade you to take a look. My own contribution, Love Lies Deep, garnered this:

Love Lies Deep is a deeply emotional love story.  Every year on Halloween Josh comes to visit Sam. The love that Josh and Sam have is so strong it reaches beyond everything. This was a short read but packed a big punch. Love this strong only comes once a lifetime.

Read the full review here:

Thank you, Meingee, for getting it! :-)

Halloween Heat I is available as an eBook from major online retailers and also in paperback as part of the Halloween Heat M/M edition.





Paperback Front


So good old Pope Benedict XVI voiced his opposition to gay marriage last week in a pre-Christmas address. He said talk of gay marriage was destroying the very “essence of the human creature”.
evil pope

It’s in the eyes


“People dispute the idea that they have a nature, given to them by their bodily identity, that serves as a defining element of the human being. They deny their nature and decide that it is not something previously given to them, but that they make it for themselves.”

What a load of bollocks, Your Holiness! I am what I am. I did not choose to be gay (though I am very happy and proud to be so). Either evolution has made me this way, something passed down through the genetics of my mother and father or, if you creationists prefer, God made me this way. Homosexuality exists in animals and you say they don’t have souls, so stick that in your censer and waft it. And for the record, my bodily identity I reckon is male. I am a man. I want to be a man and have no wish to be a woman. Get your thoughts straight, Ben, and do mankind a favour. What happened to goodwill to all men?